No recorded audio. No bots. Just good stuff captured from talking.

Turn talk into action items, takeaways, to-do's, insights, etc.

Ramble is your conversation partner empowering you to keep thoughts, conversations and work. Capture the one or two things that you need to know or do (in one-click). Talk over your items with your AI thought partner.
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Ramble captures and extracts insights for you, keeps them in an organized brainspace, and maintains a database of relationships.

Use your voice: Ramble for MacOS makes voice into a desktop productivity tool

Talk into any text field

Speak your mind into 1,000+ desktop and Web apps. Gmail. Slack. Trello. WhatsApp. Ramble takes the words out of your mouth – say anything and Ramble transcribes it wherever you want to put your thoughts. It works inside the apps you already use.

'Come Back To This' with 1-Hr Time Machine

Did you just say something great and you wish you were recording? With Ramble, in 1-click you activate 'Background Listening' mode to recapture the past. 5-minutes by default. Up to 1hr.  

Transcribe Zoom/Meet/Slack without the meeting bot

Create a real time transcription of any meeting — independent of where you do it — all without a meeting bot.

Put to-do's onto a Checklist, for yourself, or others

Quickly and accurately put action items onto a shared checklist to get things done, and get work off your mind.

Ramble remembers things for you in a 'Memory Bank'

Keep and remember thoughts with a thoughts partner. Hand off information and details for your AI to remember. Build your knowledge-base. Use Ramble send reminders about things later. What you store is always instantly accessible in the app.

Rolodex built for you, automagically (coming soon)

Ramble can extract and store information about friends, colleagues and work partners based on the conversations you have. Use the AI that enhances you memory via a rich 'rolodex' - tagged with key topics you’ve discussed and more.

Bring voice into your daily apps (Slack, Gmail, etc.)

'Scribble' lets you speak into the active text box on your Mac. Slack. Gmail. Word. Notion. Anywhere. You talk, it transcribes. Scribble puts a inconspicuous "mic button" where you normally type. So, you can use your voice in your work applications, in one-click.

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No credit card required. Free until at least July 2024. We will always have a free tier. We will add a paid tier for premium features with a cost of $10-$30/month.


Love Ramble. So easy to capture my meetings and no Meeting Bot. I hate seeing a meeting bot on Zoom.

Ramble remembers all my little tasks. I speak. It remembers. I hear they have an iOS version coming soon.

Marvin Macky
Alice Roper

I talk to Ramble all day. Mostly reminders. Sometimes I'll dictate something and then quick paste it into an email.

Love the auto-copy feature. I transcribe my thoughts with Ramble and then paste them -- in Slack, in my PRDs, in and email. SO easy.

Isabella Tannaka
Gretchen Howard

I'm in the beta for the Rolodex. It's amazing how much knowledge Ramble AI extracted from my email.  I've built up a lot of details about my contacts. It's an easy CRM.

Ramble runs smooth. I like that I'm in full control of when and how it records.

Noah Fox
Early User
Devin Nguyen

Go from words to action - See how Ramble works

Discover how having a work assistant capable of both transcription and voice input doubles your output

Ramble helps you triage your thoughts, produce output 10x faster and organize work. Instantly make your thoughts concrete, usable and actionable. Use transcription to give form to ideas, straight outta your brain, and turn your words into results.

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